Aiolos Publications started in the mid-1980s with the aim of bringing the reading public in contact with new ideas and concerns.

Our selections, both in the past and today, are part of specific sections, such as Fantasy and Horror Literature, the Travels – Explorations series, the Cervantes series (Spanish literature), the Greece – History – Culture series , etc.

Our aim is that the books we publish, whether translated or by Greek authors, should never be published in Greece again, even if their marketability is not a given. We seek to create new series, unknown and difficult, while respecting the ethical rules of other publishers. Moreover, the choice of our partners is aimed at the better distribution of the books, so that the reader has easy access to them.

The authors we select are the most recognised in their genre and the translators, the most authoritative. As for the aesthetic and typographical editing, we strive for the best possible result, a fact that has become conscious even to the most demanding readers.

Books with the Aiolos logo are recognizable by you both in terms of content and aesthetics.

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