George Orr has dreams – dreams that change reality. When he wakes up, the world has adjusted to what he dreamed the night before. In an attempt to escape this situation, he obtains medicine without the required prescription. However, the illegal supply of drugs results in his compulsory treatment by Dr. William Haber, psychologist. Haber will soon realize that George’s strange dreams are not a figment of his imagination and will not hesitate to exploit his patient’s “gift” for his own purposes and, ultimately, for the greater good. The turn of events is not the one expected though… The Lathe of Heaven, one of Ursula Le Guin’s most popular works, was published in 1971 and is set thirty years later, in 2002. Strongly influenced by Taoist thought, this work reflects on the ethics of science, the nature of reality and the limits of human influence in the world. The book was brought to the small screen in 1980 by WNET under the supervision of the author herself.


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