“…Before she became known all over the planet… Beatrice was a normal girl and even a friend of mine. In fact, she was the best, the only friend in my life…”

If someone had asked Elisa when exactly their friendship began, she would not have been able to answer. Perhaps it was the night Beatrice suddenly appeared in front of her on that beach, like a shooting star. Or maybe later, when they stole a pair of expensive jeans and ran off like crazy on a motorbike? What she could answer with certainty was when their friendship ended and how, even though thirteen years had passed, it still hurt her.

Wanting to confront her own self, she decided to write down what they had experienced, because only words can convey the complexity of the experiences we keep tucked away inside us, only by telling them does life take on substance – or so she believes.

Award-winning Sylvia Avalone narrates the boundless friendship of two girls, their family and social context, their gaps, contrasts and conflicts in the midst of the emerging digital age at the beginning of the 21st century.




Λούλα Καραγιαννάκη





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