Displaced from the sphere of the common and withdrawn into the ‘familiar’ intimacy of the individual, the man of postmodernity has ended up in an autistic worldview and in a univocal version, even if it is disguised in a made-up otherness. In this condition the One was born, the offspring of an atrophied society and a fragmented reality. Now alone, it struggles to find a place to take root, a collective project to anchor itself and a cohesive bond to build. It is marching with an identity that lacks a stable core, a sense of direction and the warmth of belonging.

By immersing oneself in the experiences of the One, unseen aspects of the human being are revealed and the belief is documented that by reconstituting a multifaceted self through shared suffering, commitment to collective narratives and creative liberation, one can erect a counterweight to a society of calculating self-interest and pervasive detachment. And that even if this effort proves ineffective, it is preferable to an unconditional surrender to a world doomed to live on the surface of phenomena rather than at the very marrow of existence.