Kostis Zervanos, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, one of the main representatives of the Family Systems Theory (or the Bowen Theory) in Greece, presents here for the first time its main points. Among the key points of Bowen’s theory are the differentiation of the self, i.e. autonomy in relation to others and the separation of thoughts from emotions; the triangles, according to which a conflict between two persons is prevented by the involvement of a third person; the genogram, a tool for research and therapy.

A basic feature of Bowen’s Theory, as mentioned by K. Zervanos, is that it draws terms, examples, concepts from fields of other sciences such as Neurobiology, Medicine, Biology, Evolutionary Biology. Family Systems Theory is based on its founder’s conclusions that a) at all times, each member of a group influences the behavior of others he comes into contact with, through his attitude and behavior and b) the overall functioning of a person depends on his interactions with others. This book is a guide for the therapist, but also for the patient, providing insight on what cam be done about problems in the family, in relationships, in the workplace, so that the person can become functional. In conclusion, the author introduces us to the spirit of a psychotherapeutic theory, which has offered fundamental concepts to psychiatry and psychotherapy, and is very popular in America, being widely used in workplaces. It is addressed to all those who wish to have a comprehensive view of how families work and especially to those who intend to use Family Systems Theory as a tool for rebuilding themselves and their relationships.

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