Who was Jesus after all? For centuries now, this recurring, nagging question begs for a convincing answer. There is a growing number of seekers around the world who are searching for the truth about this legendary person, who left his mark on the history of humankind like no other. In Greece, as early as 1980, Nikos Kokkinos, a young and enthusiastic researcher at that time and a distinguished academic today, made a great impression with his work, The Riddle of Jesus of Galilee, trying to provide his own answers to the question. The three reprints of the book sold out quickly. The author’s approach was unprecedented for the time, with the exception perhaps of the similar effort of the great historian Yanis Kordatos. Where and when was Jesus born? Who was married at the Wedding at Cana? Was he a carpenter or a scion of a royal family? What was the role of John the Baptist, the disciples, the high priests, the Herods, Pilate? Why was Jesus crucified? Where is his “tomb”? Did he really die on the cross? The author, after exhaustive research of Christian and non-Christian sources, gives us a clear picture of the time during which Jesus lived, his attitude and his role, radically changing our view of him. The Riddle of Jesus of Galilee is now reprinted with a new and extensive introduction by the author, fresh as ever in his ideas, proving conclusively that thirty years before the Da Vinci Code, the “holy grails” and the “Judases”, a young researcher had set Jesus in a human context, examining his historicity and demystifying dogmas and established views.

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