AIolos Publications takes care of the security of the transactions carried out in this context and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation. They make every possible effort to use themselves or their partners appropriate tools and apply all appropriate technical and organizational measures to provide the legally required security of electronic transactions (in proportion to the various stages of completion) and data (personal or not) that they collect and process, to ensure their confidentiality (to the extent legally required and depending on the nature of the products and services they provide) and finally to inform the transacting parties about the security of the data (personal or not) and to inform them about the security of the products and services they provide.

For any information, please contact us.


All payments made using a card are processed through Alpha Bank’s electronic payment platform “Alpha e-Commerce” and uses TLS 1.2 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of encoding information until it reaches the intended recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Ensuring Privacy / Encryption of Personal Data Transmission

To ensure the confidentiality of data transfer, we use the 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protocol. The system has been certified by Thawte, which specializes in transaction security. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is an international standard for the certification of websites and the encryption of data between users and web servers. SSL encryption is essentially a way of encoding information until it reaches the intended recipient, who can decode it using the appropriate key. All information sent between a user and a server – in our case the Aeolus Publications website – is encrypted by the sending software using a 256 bits key and decrypted by the receiving software using the same key (predefined at the start of the connection to the service), thus protecting personal information in transit. In addition, all information sent using the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether the data has been altered in transit. Thawte’s dynamic trust seal and the green padlock marked “Secure” in the web browser’s address bar prove that the data on the Aeolus Publications website is encrypted.

Secure transactions via credit/debit cards and Paypal

For the additional security of electronic transactions via debit/credit cards, once the customer completes the purchase process, he/she is redirected to the secure page of Alpha Bank’s “Alpha e-Commerce” electronic payment platform, which cooperates with the most modern international security services (American Express SafeKey®, Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, e-mail notifications). The high level of security of the Alpha e-Commerce service is ensured in the following ways. The information about the customer’s card (card number, CVV2/CVC2, expiry date) is transmitted/transferred via the Internet using TLS 1.2 encryption (with 128-bit SSL encryption protocol) and is not accessible from our e-shop. Encryption is a way of encoding the information until it reaches the designated recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

The systems and procedures used by Alpha Bank prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing its data and information systems. c. The Bank’s website on which the customer’s card details are entered bears a digital certificate so that anyone can check its authenticity, i.e. to ascertain that it really belongs to Alpha Bank’s Alpha e-Commerce Service. d. The management of the Alpha e-Commerce e-Commerce Service is carried out by authorised persons of the company, to whom individual access codes (username, password) are delivered. e. The management of the Alpha e-Commerce e-Commerce Service is carried out by authorised persons of the company, to whom individual access codes (username, password) are delivered. f. The Alpha e-Commerce e-Commerce Service follows the best international practices in the field of payments for e-commerce and is also fully compatible with the 3D-Secure security protocols of the international card organizations American Express SafeKey®, Verified by Visa, and MasterCard SecureCode for secure on-line card payments. With this mechanism, after the customer enters your card details, they will be prompted to enter the 3D-Secure code in order to authenticate the cardholder. The authentication is done through the issuing bank (issuer) and then the customer is returned to the transaction page to complete the transaction.


The data used to identify the User are two: the Username and the Personal Secret Security Code (Password). This process is achieved securely both because of the encryption of the data during their transfer on the Internet and the encryption of the data on the servers of the Aeolus publications. The only person who knows the User’s password is the User himself, and he is solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of these passwords from third parties. The User has the possibility to change the Personal Secret Security Code (password) as often as he/she wishes. Aiolos Publications is not in a position to know the User’s Personal Secret Password, except to reset it. In case of loss or leakage of this password, the User must immediately notify Aiolos Publications, otherwise the latter shall not be liable for the use of the Password by an unauthorized person. All information is encrypted and kept in absolute security. It is recommended, for security reasons, that users change their password at regular intervals and avoid the use of repetitive and easily traceable passwords (e.g. date of birth).


The observance of confidentiality is taken for granted. The same basic principles that govern traditional transactions apply to e-commerce. All information transmitted by the user/member to Aiolos Publications is confidential and Aiolos Publications has taken all necessary measures to ensure that it is used only to the extent necessary in the context of the services provided.

Some of the measures taken are the following:

  • Only authorized employees have access to the information of users’ transactions and only when necessary, e.g. for the processing of orders.
  • Aiolos Publications does not disclose the details of users and their transactions, unless they have written authorisation from users or this is required by a court order or decision of another public authority.
  • In the event that Aiolos Publications uses third parties to support its systems, they shall ensure that confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • Users may request any data held on them and their correction if they can document the existence of an error.

For the security of users, they should treat all information provided through the service as confidential and secret and should not disclose it to third parties.

Users will receive information lists and printed material only if they wish to receive them and indicate this during their registration as a member.


Paypal’s operating specifications are of the highest standards and synonymous with online security. Transactions through Paypal are made in a fully secure environment with the continuous use of SSL security protocols and AES-256bit encryption. All Paypal pages, from user registration or login to the simplest confirmation messages, take place in a secure and encrypted environment and any data transmission is practically impossible to intercept in real time.

Paypal as an intermediary platform for electronic transactions has mechanisms to monitor each transaction for several months after its initiation. In addition to the secure transaction environment, the user has at his disposal communication with support staff in the event of a problem, the possibility of disputing a charge and a refund.

Payment methods

Paypal transacts on your behalf and the transfer of funds to your Paypal account is done in the following ways:

By credit card link (Visa-Delta-Electron, MasterCard-Eurocard, PayPal Top Up, Maestro, American Express):Every time you make a purchase, Paypal will charge your credit card, without of course disclosing its details to the seller/electronic shop.

With a debit card link (with the Visa or Mastercard brand):It works the same as for the credit card, except that every time you make a purchase, Paypal will charge your debit card and it will in turn withdraw the money from your bank account. If your account is out of money, the transaction will not be able to take place, so make sure there is a sufficient balance.

By linking a prepaid card (with the Visa or Mastercard brand):In this case, each transaction will deduct the corresponding amount from the balance of the prepaid card and when you run out of money, you can refill it with whatever amount you want. Prepaid cards are issued at any bank.

By bank transfer (wire transfer):You transfer the money from your bank account to your Paypal account using a procedure provided by Paypal.For a transaction to take place your Paypal account must have a sufficient balance. It is not recommended, mainly because of the long transfer time (5-7 days).

Paypal service charges

The possibility of safe and fast money transfer and the existence of interfaces with banking institutions around the world, makes Paypal services accessible to everyone and at reasonable costs. The costs of the services offered by Paypal range from FREE to a few percentage points of each transaction.

Important remarks. Please read very carefully

In order to make any electronic payment through, the user of this website must necessarily have the appropriate technical equipment and Internet connection. Aiolos Publications does not provide the equipment required to ensure access to the Internet and the user is solely responsible for the cost of connection and use of the required equipment, as well as any costs or taxes associated with its use.

The user of the website acknowledges that the submission of his codes (email and password) when connecting to the electronic transactions service of the website www.paypal. com, certifies his identity and is obliged, for his personal safety, to act with due diligence, taking the necessary security measures to prevent the illegal use of his codes by third parties authorized or not, to keep secret and not to disclose his personal codes to third parties and generally to ensure that they do not leak. The user of the website, as the owner of these codes, is solely responsible and bears the risk of any damage to his/her own from unauthorized access by a third party in any way to his/her codes.

Although the Paypal service uses software against computer viruses and additional cryptographic technology for secure transactions, Aiolos Publications cannot guarantee that the operation of the website www.paypal. com will be uninterrupted or free of any kind of errors and viruses and is not liable for any loss of data or other damage to the user or third parties, due either to use/copying (download) or to alteration or infection with viruses or other unauthorized interference by third parties in files, data and information available through it.

The user is solely responsible for protecting his/her system (his/her own computer from viruses).  Aiolos Publications cannot assume any liability due to the malfunction of the carrier telecommunications network that is beyond their jurisdiction or control and may have a negative impact on the correct and timely execution of transmitted orders. The user will not be able to access the service in case of telecommunication failure and / or force majeure events and in any case, Aiolos Publications does not guarantee the user the uninterrupted and continuous ability to access the services provided by the Paypal service. In case of inability to service in accordance with the above, the user should use the alternative channels to access the services of Aiolos Publications.


Privacy Policy

In order to use the e-commerce services of the Aiolos Publications website, the user is requested to submit the following data: name/name of legal entity, address of natural/legal entity, postal code, city, country, telephone number (fixed and mobile) and e-mail address. In case the user wishes to issue an invoice, the VAT number and the tax office are additionally required. Finally, if the payment of the order is made using a credit, debit or prepaid card, the individual details are necessary. These data are personal data, which will be processed automatically and notified to the competent authority and for which Aiolos Publications is the Data Controller according to Law 2472/1997. The user is responsible for the validity-genuineness of the Personal Data he/she discloses and accepts the imminent processing of his/her personal data for the needs of the smooth transaction between the parties.  The above data are also required for the issuance of the relevant documents (tax documents) and are kept, except for the credit, debit or prepaid card details, in the financial file of the Merchant. Aiolos Publications preserves the personal nature of your data and may not transfer them to any third party (natural or legal person) for any reason with the exception of the relevant provisions of the law and to the competent authorities only. Aiolos Publications may process part or all of the data you have sent to improve the services – information provided.

Personal data of users are also communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legitimate request and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

It is clarified that the website of AIolos Publications does not have a publicly accessible list of e-mail addresses of its subscribers.

Right of access/review:

At any time, the User has the right to have direct access to the financial file, to correct, complete, partially or completely delete and raise objections to the processing of data concerning him/her, as well as to be informed about the time and manner of acquisition of the data and the methods of data protection applied. For this purpose, he/she may send a letter to the address of Aiolos Publications (25 Harilaou Trikoupis, 106 81 Athens) or send an e-mail to the following address:

Use of Personal Data for promotional activities:

AIolos Publications reserves the right to provide users and those who make purchases through the website with the opportunity to choose to be informed about new products available on the market and other possible offers, payment arrangements, etc. through newsletters sent to their e-mail or postal address or by telephone and will not misuse the above service. Users, if accepted, retain the possibility of freely withdrawing their consent.

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